About Richard Emmanuel, M.D.

P. Richard Emmanuel, M.D.
Richard Emmanuel, M.D.

Richard Emmanuel M.D. has received nationwide prominence as one of the country’s leading orthopedic surgeons. He is recognized for treating complex back and neck disorders such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis.

Since 1999, Dr. Emmanuel’s has performed thousands of knee, hip and shoulder surgeries using the most advanced minimally invasive (no-cut) techniques.

Dr. Emmanuel earned his Medical Degree from the USC Keck School of Medicine and then completed a research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. Following a five-year orthopedic surgery residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, he moved back to Los Angeles to complete subspecialty fellowship training for Spine Surgery at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

Dr. Emmanuel has gained expertise in innovative surgical techniques and specializes in complex minimally invasive surgery involving the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine. Dr. Emmanuel is amongst a handful of surgeons with special training and certification to perform the Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery. Years of experience has earned him national recognition in performing Minimally Invasive Total Joint Replacement Surgery of the Knee, Hip and Shoulder.

Dr. Emmanuel is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, North American Spine Society, and the California Orthopedic Association.

With over 12 years, Dr. Emmanuel’s stellar reputation as an Orthopedic Surgeon stands alone. He stands by his philosophy of providing exceptional care to his patients and giving them the one-on-one attention they need to recover.

I am very proud to have served patients in our community. By offering you the most advanced surgical techniques in spine surgery and joint reconstruction, I am able to offer you and your family the special one-on-one care you need. My staff and I welcome you and assure you that we are committed to giving you the best orthopedic care possible.”


Patient Success Stories

“I love Dr. Emmanuel. I have been going to him for the past 9 years for many different conditions. I fully trust him to take care of me. He is always patient to listen to me and always offers the best treatment options. I feel great and I owe it all to him!”

-J R.

“For many years I had suffered from sciatic pain and didn’t do anything about it. I had shooting pain down the right side of my leg and I had tingling as well. I saw Dr. Emmanuel and he explained to me the different treatment choices I had. He is knowledgeable and experience and I trusted him. After one epidural injection, the shooting pain was gone. I am a happy person again.”

-J S
 Knee Replacement

“I lived with severe knee pain for years. I reached a point I couldn’t live my life the way I used to. I have an active husband who loves to travel… and we had to stop that because of my knee condition. Then I spoke to Dr. Emmanuel about the treatment choices I had and he told me that I was a good candidate for a Total Knee Replacement. I felt confident that it was the right move for me. My operation went beautifully and with physical therapy I made great progress. It was a little difficult in the beginning but now I have my life back again. I can travel, play golf and enjoy all the activities I used you. I have my life back again! Thanks Dr. Emmanuel for everything you’ve done for me!”

-J S (age 63) 
Knee Replacement